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SOS Enterprise - UCC Module Goes Live In Montana

November 06, 2019

Hyde Park, UT - Tecuity, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Montana Secretary of State's Office recently rolled out the UCC/EFS modules for the SOS Enterprise Platform. This roll out took place September 30, 2019 to Montana's Online Business Services.

SOS Enterprise is a platform with additional modules that can be added. These additional modules are turned on once configured to the State specifications.

The Montana Secretary of State will be deploying Notary at the end of the year with Business Entity scheduled for 2020.

Regarding the roll out of the UCC/EFS module, Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton stated, "Montana is one of the first states to go fully digital with Uniform Commercial Code Liens and Effective Financing Statements, which helps commerce thrive in our great state. Our partnership with Tecuity is ongoing, and we look forward to working with them as we move forward with our next two digital modules.”

If you would like more information on SOS Enterprise Platform, additional modules, or what else is going on at Tecuity, Inc. please contact:

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