Perfect for Secretary of States’ Offices

SOS Enterprise has been uniquely constructed to accommodate the modern demands of government filing authorities including “Business One-Stop” initiatives. Our innovative solution provides configurable modules for document management, workflow management, business registrations, annual reports and amendments, trademarks, notary, UCC filings, and so much more.

Easily scan and file any document type

Managing large numbers of documents is simple with SOS Enterprise. Our integrated document management solution provides scanning, imaging, redaction, manipulation, and classification of documents. Barcoding and OCR capabilities are also standard features of our solution, all with no additional licensing fees or associated costs.

Processes that adapt with you

We all know what applies today could change tomorrow. Tecuity understands states want to be independent of a vendor and have the ability to configure their solution as required by modifications in policy, legislation, rules, etc. SOS Enterprise has been architected with a dynamic business process modeling and rules engine. This functionality is highly intuitive, extendable, and adaptable to accommodate future changes. SOS Enterprise grows and changes with you.

Work Queues that fit your workflow

SOS Enterprise automatically classifies and organizes incoming documents from various digital and physical sources into work queues that you define. Managing workload and office volume is easy through our integrated workflow management module and dashboard controls. SOS Enterprise supports “go-green” initiatives and allows your office to work in a paperless environment.

Smart reports for smart government

With Business Intelligence (BI) reporting built in, SOS Enterprise comes ready with the ability to define and monitor key performance indicators (KPI). These metrics and statistics are displayed in a user-friendly dashboard allowing your office to keep a pulse on day-to-day processing demands. In-depth management reports identifying document volumes, user metrics, and more are provided right out of the box. Easily create and generate ad-hoc reports which are added to the built-in report library. All reports can be exported into a variety of formats or automatically generated based on schedules and placed in individual user print queues.

Tried and True

With a perfect delivery record of on-time and on-budget implementations, over ten years of production experience in multiple states, and a senior implementation and support staff, Tecuity stands ready to provide Secretary of State Offices and other filing authorities with innovative technology solutions and unsurpassed customer service.

See it in Action

Representatives from our sales team would love to sit down with you to show you how SOS Enterprise can fit into your office's workflow.

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