News and Events

Tecuity to Attend IACA Conference
SMITHFIELD, UT – Tecuity, Inc. has been selected to present information at the upcoming 39th Annual International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) Conference in regards to Business Intelligence and Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Tecuity, Inc. has been a long standing sponsor of IACA and has participated in various conferences over the years.
South Dakota SOS Implements Phase 2
SMITHFIELD, UT – Tecuity, Inc. signed contract with the South Dakota Secretary of State’s Office to further the implementation of SOS Enterprise, Tecuity’s flagship software solution providing a host of Business Service related functionality to Secretary of State offices and similar Filing Authorities. This effort will provide the online registration of business filings and related functionality including many self-service options for constituents.
Tecuity Named as Corporate Affiliate Advisor
SMITHFIELD, UT – The National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) has identified Tecuity, Inc. as a Corporate Affiliate Advisor to participate on the Task Force on Business Identify Theft, a bipartisan initiative aimed at combating the spread of business impersonation and other forms of ID related fraud. Tecuity will provide expert input on cyber security, data protection and other issues. See additional information at
Tecuity Presents “BI” to NASS
SMITHFIELD, UT – Tecuity attended the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Winter Conference and provided a whitepaper entitled “Business Intelligence: What are you learning from Filing Statistics and Web Analytics?“. This information was provided to Secretaries of State as a resource in understanding how Business Intelligence can be identified from the vast amount of information managed by their respective offices. For a copy of the whitepaper please visit