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UCC Liens Module is Live at the California Secretary of State's Office

October 27, 2020

Hyde Park, UT - Tecuity, Inc. and KPMG LLP are excited to announce the California Secretary of State's office recent rollout of the UCC Liens module of Tecuity's SOS Enterprise Platform as part of the California Business Connect Project. This rollout took place on July 15, 2020. To date, over 275,000 filings have already been filed through the new system.

Tecuity's SOS Enterprise Platform is a scalable, enterprise solution that is flexible in nature allowing new modules to come online when desired. The Business Entity module, along with platform enhancements, will be added next to further the implementation of the California Business Connect Project at the California Secretary of State's Office.

"Our new UCC online system completes the third of four modules of the California Secretary of State's California Business Connect project,"saidCalifornia Secretary of State's Chief of the Business Programs Division, Betsy Bogart. "UCC Online expands the number of liens that may be filed online as well as providing free access to over 4.8 million images of lien notices and uncertified searches. We are pleased with the UCC Module and look forward to continuing our partnership with Tecuity and KPMG on our final California Business Connect module for Business Entities as we continue to make it easier to do business in California."

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