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SOS Enterprise Platform - Business Entity Module is Live In Montana

January 15, 2021

Hyde Park, UT - Tecuity, Inc. is pleased to announce the Montana Secretary of State's Office recently rolled out two Business Entity modules for Tecuity's SOS Enterprise Platform. The new Business Entity and Trademarks modules went live on December 7, 2020. This release provides additional business continuity and features to Montana's Online Business Services that are already available (UCC, Notary, etc.)

Tecuity's SOS Enterprise Platform is a scalable and configurable enterprise solution that is flexible in nature allowing new modules to come online when desired. In the coming months, SOS Enterprise Platform enhancements will be added to make it even easier to do business in Montana and receive immaculate customer service!

Regarding the roll out of the BE module, Montana Secretary of State Business Services Director Kellee English stated, "The implementation was a great success! We believe the new system will benefit Montana Businesses."

If you would like more information on the SOS Enterprise Platform or other products and services available at Tecuity, Inc. Please contact:

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